1st Interlude

Somehow nobody died. Everyone got exactly 1000 XP, so everyone except Blight gains a level.

During the remainder of the return trip, Rayburn deciphers the scrolls you have found and, you appraise the various items you acquired.

Even without a merchant’s eye, you can determine that both longswords (the goblin’s and the purple-hued one from the dwarven skeleton) are of masterwork quality. Additionally, the rapier you found in the rat hole is of master craftsmanship. It bears the mark of House Cannaith forges, so the wererat probably wasn’t a local. Blight comments that the breastplate is suprisingling well made and easy to move in for such heavy armor.

You return to the ruined keep to see that everyone has packed up and left. The acolyte remaining at the shrine directs you to Breeder’s Hill where Archon and the clans that followed him have taken the hobgoblin camp. He gives you enough food from the remaining offerings to make the journey.

I deducted 4 days of rations, assuming you held off and ate at the shrine the fifth day. That makes everyone out of rations except Javrem (10 days), Blight (1 day), and William (5 days, he shared one days’ with Joe).


Havrim – MW Purple Longsword Joe – “Tooth” Rayburn – Potions (Hide from Undead, Mage Armor) Scroll (Summon Swarm, Bull’s Strength) Scroll (Chill Touch, Hold Portal) Ring (Wererat) Cray – MW Thieves’ Tools MW Longsword (from Goblin) 2 Warg skins (he skinned em) Blight – 2 Scarab Shells MW Breastplate Pouch of coins (rats) Pouch of coins and moonstone (goblins) [while the silver and copper are a mix of Thrane, Aundair and Breland mints, the gold coins appear Dwarvish]

Unaccounted for: MW Rapier (rat hole) Small Light Crossbow (goblin) 2 goblin potions (they are labeled in goblin “healing”) MW manacles (goblin)

Fee free to move stuff around the party. You will most likely be able to barter for weapons and armor at the camp, but choice may be limited.

There are some Clan Nalis folk at the camp, but if anyone from Clan Daran wants to stop home, it’ll take an extra day (home-cooking so don’t worry about rations, etc.).

Also, for hp I’m handling it differently. Everyone will get average hp rounded up each level after the first.

D12 = 7 D10 = 6 D8 = 5 D6 = 4 D4 = 3 adding CON as normal.

If you have any purchases you’d like to make or questions for npcs, if you get any to me ahead of time, I’ll make sure I have the item availability defined or answers for you at the beginning of the next session.

The acolyte does tell you that the other group (the went hunting the ghouls) arrived a day before you and they had something to deliver to Clan Nalis before they headed to the Archon’s camp. He didn’t get a good look at it but he thinks it was a large egg.

On the evening you head out from the shrine, you see a rare sight. On of the surviving dire bats is backlit against the twilight sky and an even larger silver form swoops down and plucks it from the sky. You’ve heard rumors of a dragon living in the mountains to the south, and you may have just witnessed it. The acolyte takes it as a good omen for your journey (it being a silver dragon after all).



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