3rd Interlude

This isn’t what you expected death to feel like. There is no warmth of the Silver Flame’s glow, no sense of peace. There is only cold….and hunger. Immense hunger. Hunger like you’ve never felt before.

You open your eyes and your gaze meets that of a suprised goblin looter. Your ferocious attack brings down the creature immediately, but your attack continues. It’s not for several seconds that you realize you haven’t been attacking with your weapons, but you hands and teeth. The taste of the goblin flesh is better than any food you can remember. It takes almost a minute for you to tear yourself away from your feeding. As you look at you bloodied hands (now twisted into claws) and the horror of what you’ve just done dawns on you, the sounds of battle once again register in your mind.

The battle below is still raging, but appears to be three sided now. There are several dead clan horses near the camp’s main entrance, but the dead of the clan attackers have also risen and are attacking their fellows as well as the remaining goblinoids.

Paige Nalis’ voice rings out, imploring the Silver Flame for protection and 2 of the undead turn to dust in front of her. She looks up at the ledge you are standing on, and you see the hope fade from her eyes as she witnesses you for what you have become. There is some quick discussion (far out of your earshot) among the reamining attackers and they begin their retreat.

The battle below continues between the creatures and the leaderless goblinoids. You have time to gather your wits and tend to your companions, who appear to be stirring as well, and eyeing the troll’s corpse with hunger.

Blight takes a look at the horrble disfigurement of his hands and the gaping claw wounds in his chest and drinks one of his healing potions. He immediately begins writhing in pain and soon vomits up the smoking remains of the potion along with chunks of burned flesh. (OOC: Blight now has 3 CLW potions. You can talk to Cray for reimbursement).

(OOC: Please level your characters to 4th (I’lll get accurate xp soon but I’m sure you made it). Your hp will be 33. Everything else should be up to date on the attached character sheets. Feel free to migrate to your preferred sheets, these were easier for me to check all the numbers. I will update the remaining character sheets soon.)



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