Grulkin Foesmasher Angarmando, now known simply as Blight, was born to the war chief and high shaman of a Goliath tribe. His tribe was far removed from other settlements and with the exception of one clan of Dwarven weaponsmiths, rarely had any dealings with ‘outsiders’ of any kind.

Through his father’s teachings, Grulkin excelled in all things physical. The Goliath Warhammer being his weapon of choice against foes large and small earned him the honorific title Foesmasher at the tender age of fifteen seasons.

His mother, being High Shaman, was often called upon to work out difficulties amongst other members of the tribe and to heal those injured in battle. Through her teachings, she managed to temper some of Grulkin’s more impulsive behavior with restraint and wisdom.

Grulkin often bested older and more experienced tribesmen in competitions of strength and cunning. Although being ugly and introverted…even by Goliath standards, Grulkin was also a favorite amongst the females of his tribe. Unfortunately all of this was to change.

While hunting in the high mountain passes, Grulkin stumbled upon a Dwarf lying face down in a meadow. In his haste to assist one of the “miraculous weapon smiths”, he rushed to the fallen Dwarf’s side. In his haste and ignorance he failed to notice the sickly smell emanating from the prone form. Upon further examination he found the Dwarf to be breathing, but very slightly. Broken pustules covered the Dwarf’s body and his ruddy complexion burned like the heat of a cooking fire.

Knowing that he was no healer, Grulkin bundled the limp form in his bedroll and carried him back to his tribe’s current home. He was sure that his mother, being high shaman, could help.

Many of his tribe died in the weeks that followed. The Dwarf never regained consciousness and was the first to pass out of the world. Next to go were the elderly and infirm of the tribe, followed by some of the beast hunters. His mother called the affliction a disease and ordered the burning of all corpses. His father called the affliction a blight and so renamed Grulkin before permanently exiling him from the tribe.

Blight has wandered many regions over the past three years, finding work mostly as a mercenary for hire or personal bodyguard. He has a strong sense of what is right and realizes that many times, rules and regulations get in the way of the greater good.


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