Jovar 'Cray' Daran

Wilderness Scout, younger brother of Havrim


Jovar, or Cray as he prefers to go by, was born the second born son of Gervish and Jelinda Daran; Two fanatical members of the Church of the Silver Flame. He was named after his Great, Great Uncle on his father’s side: Jovar Daran who was the Keeper of the Flame from 863 to 903 YK.

From an early age, it was impressed upon him that he was expected to join the ranks of the clergy and rise to great status within the church but as he was force fed more and more of the tenets of the Silver Flame, he found himself disagreeing with some of the churches values and many of its actions throughout history.

Cray was far more interested in the day to day tasks that were required to survive in the small community that he lived in. He felt very strong bonds with every person in the area and spent all of his free time trying to help others and improve their living conditions.

While his parents praised him for his efforts, they still tried to force him in the direction of the church. While he still paid lip service to the Silver Flame, he secretly vowed never to join the ranks of the clergy or any group closely associated with the church.

As he grew older, he became a reliable friend to everyone in the community and would come to the aid to all that needed it. His parents have come to accept that he will never join the clergy but still require him to come to every service the church holds.

Outwardly serious and quiet, he has a ‘devilish’ streak that appears from time to time; he is a great fan of the practical joke and has pulled several ‘masterpieces’ in the past. His targets are almost universally those that are arrogant, rude or disrespectful to others. None of the pranks are destructive but the targets pride is usually bruised deeply.

Because of his reputation in the town, no one suspects him of these deeds and many times he has been asked to try and find the culprit.

Jovar 'Cray' Daran

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