Chapter 1

The adventure began on 27 Vult, during the festival of Kybersef. The Six clans gathered at Clanmeet for the festival. The various party members met each other and several members from other clans. Traditionally, groups of young clansfolk would undertake quests to rid the area of evil on this night, and, in doing so, become accepted as full members of their clan.

The party also glimpsed Archon discussing matters with the clan leadership but were unable to speak to him directly. While playing with the children, Blight also encountered an old halfling that seemed to have the mind of a child. Cray Daran, got a reading from an Oracle who had set up a tent on the grounds.

After the festivities began to die down, the party formed and undertook a quest to rid the area of some “demon bats” that were ravaging the herds. Cray was given a device to destroy the bat’s cave once they encountered it (an explosive scaveneged from some battlefield).

Another party formed and took a quest to eliminate some ghouls that had been spotted at the local graveyard.

Cray (who had seen the bats previously), was able to lead the party to the cave where the bats dwelled, closer to the edge of the mountains themselves. The party was forced to use a lower entrance. Upon entering the party quickly dispatched some spiders and an ettercap lairing near the entrance. Wounded from the fight, they rested for the night in the remains of the ettercap’s lair. The explosion also had opened a previously blocked cave, inside of which the party found a longsword of some purple material and a well crafted dwarven breastplate.

The next day, they continued into the cave, first dealing with a pair of gem encrusted beetles, before finding the bat’s lair. The creature was the size of a horse, had an unearthly glow and red eyes, and was resistant to physical damage. The raw ferocity of Blights attack eventually brought the beast down. The other bats in the cave began to stir and Cray placed the explosive, bringing down the cave before they could arrive. The party tried to rest in the rubble, but were interrupted by a small humanoid with a scythe and a red cap. It inflicted heavy damage, using the narrow passage to its advantage, but after being tripped, it was attacked while regaining its footing by Havrim and Jamven and slain.

On the third day, as the party left the tunnels, they were swarmed by rats, including half a dozen extremely large ones and one that shifted into a human once killed. Several of the party were concerned about contracting lycanthropy, but nobody has shown symptoms yet.

After leaving the cave, the party was ambushed by a pair of goblins and their worg mounts. The pair were most likely brigands looking for an easy mark and were quickly overwhelmed. One of the goblins escaped the fight.

The party returned to Clanmeet to find only an acolyte ramining, waiting for them. They were informed that Archon and members of several clans had attacked a mercenary outpost and taken it. The party continued to the outpost both to report their success, and to contribute to the fight.

Chapter 1

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