Chapter 3

The party is able to leave the cave system without further incident. There are signs the hobgoblin lieutenant was present, but he seems to have escaped. With their best tracker ravaged by disease, they decide that the defeat of the priest of the Keeper will have to suffice. They bundle up the remaining supplies, make a crude stretcher for Blight, and begin the trip back to the outpost.

Returning to the outpost after a few days of travel, they see that it has been reinforced. The earthworks now completely surround it and a small watchtower has been erected. They are greeted with cheers as they proudly display the heads of the goblin rogue and hobgoblin priest. Both heads are promptly placed on pikes on the watchtower. Blight is taken to the aid tent for treatment.

The other adventuring party also met with success. Among the few remaining prisoners is a goblin covered in blue fur, dressed as though of some importance. Archon is not present and the interim leader (Gurad Enthel) is awaiting his return to begin interrogation.

Three days pass as the party has some treasure identified by Chevim Tuar, and recovers from the adventure. William convinces the party to exchange several magical items for a psionic crystal captured along with the blue goblin.

When Archon returns, Havrim and Blight accompany him to the interrogation of the blue goblin. It does not go as planned, ending with the creatures death and the two warriors’ babbling about tentacles. Archon decides the goblin threat is greater that anyone thought and orders immediate recon of the goblin main base, in order for it to be attacked in force as soon as possible. The party volunteers to scout the mountains for an cave entrances that could lead to the base.

The trip to the mountains is interrupted by the discovery of a defiled dryad’s grove. It appears those responsible were killed (hobgoblin corpses were found), but the party was forced to battle its remaining defenders, some type of wooden creature and two satyr archers. While resting after the fight, the party is joined by the halfling woman from the festival. While the conversation they have is mostly useless due to her childlike responses, she does reveal the dryad’s treasure cache.

As the journey continued, the party was attacked, unprovoked, by a silver dragon, ranting in some unknown language. William dispatched the creature with a blast of psionic fire after a brief struggle.

Most of the caves, the party discovered were small, empty, deadends. One contained a nest of abominations that may have once been goblins and hobgoblins. The party fought through them hoping this was the source of the blue abomination from camp, but they eventually ran out of enemies, and found no evidence of other blue goblins or the mercenary leadership. Havrim’s shield from the Keeper’s priest was destroyed in the fighting, melted by an acidic gob form a strange wolf-creature.

After being attacked by a abnormally large and resistant mountain lion, the party chased it back to a cave and killed it. The smell from this cave was horrible, it reeked of waste. While exploring, the party destroyed a pair of bulbous tentacles aberrations and found a small hole in the ceiling over a pile of excrement.

Cray: “Sounds like we found…the back door” Joe: “So who goes into the brown hole first?” William: “I hope I don’t look up into a full moon.”

The party exited the cave and found themselves in the privies of the mercenary camp. After travelling through some store rooms they found themselves blocked by a portcullis…and face to face with the mercenary leader, a robed hobgoblin.

The hobgoblin spent some time chiding them for attacking and claimed that they were only fighting in response to clan raids and then began to turn away. As he reached the edge of the courtyard outside the portcullis, the sound of battle could be heard from the other side of the camp. The clan raiders were attacking. Blight and Havrim began lifting the heavy portcullis. Just as Blight got a shoulder under the gate, the hobgoblin turned and fired a beam at Havrim, killing him instantly.

Battle was joined, Cray ran under the gate, hoping to engage the spellcaster, and ran straight into an invisible troll. The wizard trapped the remaining party members in the area by casting a wall of fire behind them, but Cray was able to finally reach him and activated an amulet he was carrying, causing both the wizard and Cray to immediately drop dead! The battle went downhill from there, as the party tried to battle through the troll and a pair of archers on the other side of the courtyard. Rayburn was the last to fall, his final act being to dissolve the troll’s head with his corrosive grasp. Two arrows found his back and he collapsed, everything going dark…

Chapter 3

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