Chapter 4

After their awakening, the party spent a few minutes adjusting to their new condition and began to observe their surroundings. The goblin camp was in ruins. Several buildings were on fire and other tunnels into the mountainside appeared to have collapsed. The party attempted to capture one of the many goblins running around but were unable to do so. They witnessed a new enemy emerge from the caves opposite their plateau. These creatures included some of the tentacled beasts they had previously fought but also included a black-skinned humanoid as big as a troll wielding a spear and floating orb with smaller eyestalks. The party fired a few shots at the orb, but after it responded with multiple beams of fire, they retreated back into the latrine “back door” and fled the area.

The decision was made to avoid returning home, as the party’s new condition would cause them to be hunted by the clergy and there was the everpresent temptation to attack and devour their friends and family. After a lengthy discussion, they decided to travel to far off Karrnath. Stories of the war had told them that Karrnath was accepting of undead as it had used them in its armies for some time and the national religion deified them. The journey was long but mostly uneventful. The group travelled only at night and avoided civilization. There was a skirmish with a pack of blink dogs, and battles with marauders and a rogue manticore, but they reached the border of Cyre without any serious trouble.

The Mournland was as twisted as the stories had decribed it, but being creatures that needed neither food nor sleep, the party was well adapted. The flesh of the local fauna, although most likely poisonous to mortals, still sated their appetites. They avoided as many encounters as possible, fighting a pair of glowing humanoid creatures, and eventually reached an abandoned outpost. WIthin this outpost was a House Cannaith forge along with the corpse of its former master. The outpost also contained a stable with eight mechanical steeds, which could carry the party out of this place rapidly. Unfortunately, disturbing the forge proper activated its guardians, 2 pair of constructs. The first pair were made of fused metal and wielded telekinetic power, while the second were made of molten rock with a metal shell. During the fight, the doors were opened and a warforged squadron was revealed outside, most likely waiting for the party to destroy the guardians. The party was able to put down the guardian constructs and opted to mount the clockwork steeds and retreat rather than fight the disciplined warforged troops.

The party, riding mechanical steeds and not needing sleep, was able to coplete the remainder of the journey quickly and without incident. They arrived at Fort Bones in Karrnath on the far side of the Mournland and were allowed to elist for a tour of service.

Chapter 4

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