Havrim Daran

Havrim is the first son of Gervish and Jelinda Daran.

He was raised in the church where the family lived and educated in the ways of the Silver Flame. He proved to be a rambunctious child and it was evident that early on he was not cut out to be a scholar or clergyman.

Growing up, he gravitated towards the hunters and local militia men and quickly proved he was cut out to be a fighting man. He mastered every weapon he could get his hands on and rapidly grew in size and stature as well as skill.

By his 15th birthday, he was already a fully accepted by the elders of the clan as an adult and is held with much regard by everyone in the area. He is loyal to a fault and his strong belief in the tenets and traditions of the Silver Flame make him a good person to have on your side in any fight.

Havrim Daran

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