The Mercenaries

The remnants of a Darguun mercenary force has taken up residence in the foothills of the Blackcaps. It is unknown if they are still under contract, but the clans believe that they are in the pay of the Aundair government as a deterrent to raiding.

They have a “protection” racket going with several farming communities north of the Blackcaps which provide them with tithes of both food and currency.

It is believed that they are responsible for the destruction of Clans Ormar and Enthel as there is no other force in the area capable of violence of that scale, along with the known Darguun acceptance of slavery.

The layout of the mercenary’s main camp and the exact composition of their forces is unknown, but goblins, hobgoblins and bugbears have all been seen in their raiding parties, along with worgs and dire wolves.

Known Mercenary forces:

The party encountered a raiding party consisting of 2 goblins with worg mounts in Chapter 1.

A mercenary outpost was taken by Archon with support from several clans, and is now a military camp for the clan raiders. The leader of the outpost, a hobgoblin of lieutenant rank escaped capture and his whereabouts are currently unknown.

A powerful priest of the Keeper was investigating the sealed gates to The Dwarven Holds. He was slain by the party in Chapter 2.

A blue skinned goblin leading a party of goblins and bugbears was encountered by the other adventurers. He was taken to the outpost for interrogation.

The Mercenaries

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