The Six Clans

The northern foothills of the Blackcaps are home to several small clans. They were never officially conquered by Aundair when Cragwar was taken but are now considered her subjects. Being border dwellers and having access to mountain refuges, the clans have a history of raiding the more prosperous lands to the north and south. As the war continued however, and the clans lost warriors to the Thranish recruiters and Aundairan press gangs, they have begun transitioning to herding, as farming is difficult in the hilly country.

Of the local clans, there are six that have developed a larger community, trading amongst themselves and celebrating holidays together. These Six Clans are as follows:

Clan Nalis

The strongest remaining clan, they have continued to breed war horses for raiding and have resisted the change to more peaceful pastimes.

c.90 members including:

Ephram – Clan Leader

Ashtan – Religious Leader of the clan (Acolyte to Rilent Daran).

Rhaen – Animal trainer

3 Goliath laborers and warriors. They aren’t considered very intelligent and are treated as second class citizens.

Clan Daran

The largest clan of the six. They have embraced the shepherding lifestyle as well as the teachings of the Silver Flame.

c.100 members including:

Rothtan – Clan Leader

Rilent – Priest of the Silver Flame

Chabach – Acolyte to Rilent

Gervish and Jelinda – Parents to Havrim and Cray

Clan Tuar

Generally they have been the voice of moderation between the two larger clans. In earlier generations they were the main dwarven trading partner and still have several skilled smiths.

c.60 members including:

Seros – Clan Wizard

Jaer – Apprentice to Seros

1 Goliath laborer (assistant to the smiths)

Clan Hoack

Always a small clan, they have continued to embrace the druidic faith. They have greater access to the fey denizens of the region and trade with them has always been desirable, but they have remained separate in many cases, often dealing more with the druids of the northern forests than the local clans. What little farming is done, is at the direction of their druids.

c.25 members including:

Hinath – Clan Leader (Druid) – Deceased

Bur’ves,Dawn – Clan Druids

1 Goliath and several half orc members.

During the year the party was in Karrnath, the druids of clan Hoack became much more militant and have begun following a less mainstream sect known as the “Ashbound”. They have been openly hostile to the party calling them defilers of the natural order. The party fought and killed the leader of the clan, Hinath along with a group of lycanthopes that had allied with the clan.

Clan Ormar

A little over a year ago, while the warriors were out on a raid, the clanhold was attacked and all the residents were killed or captured. Clan Ormar has since pushed for open war with the mercenaries from Darguun.

5 members (7 originally) (2 clansmen died taking the goblin outpost)

Clan Enthel

Mid Vult Clan Enthel suffered the same fate as Clan Ormar. They are also pressing for war and have joined that clan in their support of Archon.

8 members (10 originally) (2 clansmen died taking the goblin outpost)


Gurad – Raid/Clan Leader

Other Adventurers

Another group of adventures formed at the same time as the party. They are also striving to help the clans with their troubles and have taken on some tasks that the party did not have time for.

Chevim Tuar – Local bard and entertainer

Paige Nalis – Devout cleric of the Silver Flame

Stump – Goliath ranger looking for greater acceptance in the clans

Samdon Tuar – Son of Seros, aspiring Conjuror.

Other Residents

Archon – Paladin/Warmonger

Meadowflower – Crazy Halfling Lady

The Oracle – Fortune teller to the stars…err clans.

The Six Clans

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