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Blackcaps Campaign

This campaign follows the adventures of a group of clanfolk from the foothills of the Blackcaps in southern Aundair. The adventurers began as young or second-class members of their clans looking for induction as full members.
Later, after undergoing a transformation to undead, they travelled far away to Karrnath and enlisted in the Fort Bones guard.
Now, having “recovered” from their condition the group has become seasoned veterans looking to finally re-unite with their families.

The Players

Blight – Goliath exile from the Blackcaps.

Havrim Daran – Strong, silent warrior from Clan Daran.

Jamven Nalis – Recent deserter from Aundairan conscription, returning home.

Joe Digger – Hobgoblin hermit following the winds.

Jovar ‘Cray’ Daran – Havrim’s brother, a wilderness scout.

Mog Shin’graal – A half orc mystic the party found after exiting the temple of the Staff of Life

Rayburn Forger – Apprentice to the local wizard.

William – Kalashtar traveler, drawn to the area.


The Six Clans – The local inhabitants of the foothills.

The Mercenaries – Goblinoids from Darguun stationed in the area.

The Dwarven Holds – The dwarves of the northern Blackcaps have had no contact with anyone for over 25 years.

The Government – The closest seat of Aundair power is Vanguard Keep.

The Brelish – The city of Cragwar has been the site of much fighting. It is currently under Brelish control with the end to open hostility.

The Karrnathi – Far off Karrnath is known for its use of undead troops in the Last War.

The Order of the Emerald Claw – A paramilitary order originating in Karrnath, their forces are always in search of opportunities to acquire powerful relics.



Dwarf Cave

Mercenary Outpost

Mercenary Base

Fort Bones

The Ancient Temple

Adventure History

Chapter 1 Kyber’s Eve – The adventurers meet and delve into the mountains to deal with a local threat.

Chapter 2 Intelligence Gathering – On a mission to capture a high ranking goblinoid.

Chapter 3 Orders – The party is sent to scout the main goblinoid encampment.

Chapter 4 Exodus – The party leaves their homeland looking for acceptance as undead in far off Karrnath.

Chapter 5 Tour of Duty – The group serves the Karrnathi military in Fort Bones, apprehending a fugutive necromancer.

Chapter 6 Rebirth – Travelling to an ancient temple, the group is betrayed by the Order of the Emerald Claw, but finds a way to return to life anyway.

Chapter 7Homecoming – Returning home, the group finds almost everyone has left. The only remaining clansfolk are hostile druids of clan Hoack.

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